Hanna (Bk Tort)
Parents GJ Sir George
                  Camelots Miss Fit
History:  GJ, Camelot, Saynora

My brother is Sir John on the  Senior Buck Page

      Next to me is my Daughter

Hopscotch (BK Orange)
Born 9/9/14
Parents: GJ Whisky, GJ Hanna
History:  GJ, Camelot Saynora, LJ

My Father is in the Senior page

You will be seeing my Kits soon.

Little One (BK Tort)
Parents:  Camelot Wonder Dog (GC)
                  Camelot Stoner  (GC)
               (both parents have pasted)
History: GJ, Camelots, LJL Farms

My Daughter is next of me.        ​
 My name is Tinker Bell
 I am shy
Broken Tort Doe
I was born on 10/6/15
Mother is Little One (BK Tort)
Father is Sir John
Bother my Grandparents were
Nattly (BK Tort)
Born: 1/20/15
Parents:  ;Rotan ( BK Sable Point) GC
                   Rossette (Siamese Sable)
History: RBTT, GJ, Albright, SM,
               Camelot, Washburn

I have a kit and he is on the  Junior Page "Peter"
Thoroughbred Tina
Born: 5/7/15
Parents: Blue Sapphire Carson
                   Thoroughred Whisper
History:  Blue Saphire, Dotties Creek Skyline
Sarah (Tort)
Born: 1/17/14
Parents:  GJ Sabastian, (BK Tort)
                   Star's & Stripes Dotty
  History:  GJ, C;ountry Charms, RBTT, Chase, Saynora, LJ, Bucketown

Sweet Lady (Tort)
Born: 3/4/15
Parents: Camelot Bo Mac (BK Tort) GC
                   Skyline Sweet Pea (Tort)
                   Sweet Pea passed away)
History: Camelot, Saynora SRR

My father and brother is on the Senior Page
 GJ Maxsein
Parents: GJ Max & GJ Snowflake
History:  Saynora Camelot, Roseart's, SM. 
on 8/18/16 I was placed 3rd out of 11
GJ Whitney; Sable Point
Born:  12/14/13
Parents: GJ WhiteLighting, Chase Annie
History:  Chase, Schwandt's, Camelot.
 My name is Honey
Broken Tort Doe
I was born on 9/12/15
Mother is Winnie ( Broken Tort)
Father is Max ( Tort)
Ceder Spring's Lily ( Frosty)
Brn: ♂11/15
Parents: Stars & Stripes Hale (Sable Point)
                 Cedar Spring's Icey (Frosty)
History:  Plank's Start & Strips, Buckettown
                 GJ, Fairway

Penny (Tort) Doe
Born: 3/21/16
Parents  Camelot BoMac and GJ Whitney
History:  GJ, Chase, Camelot, Broo's, Washburn, D&A

ON 8/16/16 Ky state fair 1st and BOV
I am RSR Rose a Siamese Sable doe
Born: 3/21/16
Parents GJ RT JR. & Rossett
History, Washburn, GJ, SM RBTT Albright