My name is Maxwell (Tort)
Born:  7/18/15
Parents: Max (tort)
                 Katie (Tort)
History: GJ, Chase, Camelot, Fnk,
 My name is Max (tort)
Born: 1/20/14
 Parents   FnK OB ( Red)
                   Camelot Miss Fit
History: Roseart, Camelot, Saynora, GJ
 This is Father & Son
for sale
 My name is Sir James (BK Tort) 2legs
Born: 10/11/13
Parents GJ Skippy, Camelot Stoner (GC)
History: Camelot, GJ
In my family we have 10gc  
I have a son that looks just like me and he is for sale.

 Mash ( Orange)
Born: 11/26/14
Parents: Monshine (Bk Orange)
                  Hanna ( Bk Tort)
History GJ, THF, Camelot

for sale
Sir Edward ( Orange)
Born: 2/14/15
Parents GJ Sir John (Orange)
                  GJ Punkin (Orange)
History:  Camelot, Saynora, GJ, SM
for sale

 Buck V carrier ( Black gold tip)
Born: 5/27/16
Parents,   GJ Francin,
History:   GJ, SM, RBTT, Washburn



Parents: Bo Mack Jr, Snowflake
History: GJ, Roseheart, Camelot
 Born: 6/1/16
Parents:  Bo Mack Jr. Snowflake
History:  GJ, Roseheart, Camelot
  Brother and Sister